Getting kids curious about local energy production

The Erlanger Stadtwerke AG is the main local provider of energy and water within the German city of Erlangen. With its` heat power plant, 4 hydroelectric power stations and wind turbines they provide energy for more than 20 thousand households.

How to explain a heating power plant and make it an adventure story for kids?

  • Storytelling & Storyboard
  • Character Development
  • Illustration
  • Animation

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    pwr communication GmbH
    Creative Director: Katharina Reichert

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    Understanding of how a heat power plant works

    For their 50th anniversary the Erlanger Stadtwerke AG intended to create videos explaining how energy is provided through their heating and also hydroelectric power plants. While being silent movies that could play on the screens of public transportation vehicles like busses, the videos should be appealing to kids and families.

    The Challenge:
    Making the journey through a heat power plant exciting

    At pwr communication we developed the character of Erwin, symbolizing the workers at ESTW. Instead of explaining the power plants from an outside point of view, we sent Erwin right into the power plants, on an adventurous journey that illustrated complicated processes in an easy digestible way and also is appealing to kids.

    The Process:
    Illustrating an engaging world for kids
    while keeping ESTW recognizable

    Story development and Storyboard

    Storyboard – Erwin inside the power plant

    Character development and illustrative style

    Character Options for Erwin

    Styleframes – Heating power plant

    With 7 windturbines and 4 hydroelectric power stations the Erlanger Stadtwerke AG also invests a lot in renewable Energy. So we sent Erwin over to give them a visit within a second video. This video explains how rivers are used as a clean source of energy. We travel with Erwin from the top of a windmill into the water to inspect modern water turbines.

    Video 2:
    Erwin explains renewable energies

    Storyboard workplace video

    ESTW even created a mascot with pwr-communication for the 50th anniversary.

    The Impact

    Kids quickly liked Erwin and got curious about what he is doing in the videos.

    Erwin created buzz around the Anniversary of the Erlanger Stadtwerke AG. Read more

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