Reimagining cashless payment at vending machines with Pay with Charlie

The founders of ZIIB Zahlungssysteme are rooted with the vending business. Their challenge was to solve the problem of paying at vending machines without cash. Up to now most machines integrate terminals to make payment with credit cards possible. These terminals are expensive to install and further need constant internet connection to make cashless payment possible. The founders of ZIIB Zahlungssysteme saw the potential of an alternative and invested in the development of a smartphone app called Pay with Charlie. This way vending operators simply need to integrate a cheaper MDB-port and a power connection within their machines to provide cashless payment to their customers.

Pay with Charlie makes paying at vending machines a breeze

  • Storytelling & Storyboard
  • Art Direction
  • Illustration & Character Designs
  • Animation & Production

My services:

The advantages of this new system needed to be explained to vending machine operators. The more operators integrating this technology, the higher the chance that Pay with Charlie would become a standard for customers paying at vending machines. ZIIB – Zahlungssysteme approached me to create a explainer video to demonstrate the advantages for the customers.

The Challenge:
Inviting vending machine operators to switch to Pay with Charlie.

Working through the questions of how Pay with Charlie should sound and feel like, we developed a story of characters getting in touch with this payment method that is also engaging and shows the real outcome for the customer. The goal: getting vending machine operators to integrate the system. Since most vending machines in Germany are actually machines to buy cigarettes, we created a video specifically for those operators.

The Process:
Creating a story and a world that feels empathetic and approachable.

Storyboard City Video

  • Does the video portrait the core messages?
  • Do we create the impact and feelings we want the viewer to have at the end?
  • How does the voice-over text sound together with the scenes taking place?
  • Is the video and its visuals engaging enough to fulfill our goal?

A clear preview of the video before starting the production

Character development and illustrative style

To also invite other vending machine operators into the mix, Pay with Charlie was introduced to them with a different video showing this payment method at the working place. This time, we created a story with interchangeable products. Therefore we switched the product in the end of the video showing coffee in one video and snacks in a different one.

Video 2:
Vending machines in the workplace

Storyboard workplace video

This video needed to speak to all suppliers of vending machines at working places. Since the story remained similar, we focused on a slightly different outcome.

The final video

Of course this technology applies not exclusively to vending machines. Pay with Charlie is a companion that functions like a wallet. It can integrate coupons to be even more valuable to customers. The third video integrated new functions of Pay with Charlie while telling a story that is set in the established world of the first two videos.

Video 3:
In-store-payment with Pay with Charlie

Storyboard shopping video

This last video needed to speak to end users and store owners to integrate this payment option at their cashiers. The story needed to integrate further functions of Pay with Charlie.

The final video

Raw animation drawing

Final animation

The Impact

With the help of the videos, many vending machine operators could be convinced to integrate the system.

The videos had a good response with viewers and are confidently used on the website and social media.

The video established a new stylized approached and enhanced the world of Pay with Charlie.

“Christians videos helped us to convince critical decisionmakers to integrate Pay With Charlie in their systems. The new illustrations give us many possibilities to expand on in the future.”

Nicole Groß, CEO ZIIB Zahlungssysteme GmbH

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