Innovation storytelling – Case study
for a sustainable nutrition solution

From research, observation, prototyping, refining and finally implementation – most common products need a long way to go before they get green lit for production. This process, of forming a valid product idea, is called innovation. It begins and ends with unmet needs of humans and involves careful investigation. Big brands use human-centered design processes to come up with fresh ideas for their products and services.

Innovation Storytelling & Human-centered design

To get these ideas approved by stakeholders, a human-centered story video helps creating clarity about what this idea means for the people who use it. A story like this also creates an emotional connection, and leaves room for further development. This case study was created at an Innovation Storytelling course with Leeanne Brennan and gives a short overview of the process of creating a vision of the future video.

For this case study, I imagined a phone application that gives context on the ecological footprint of sustainable nutrition products. As soon as an Innovation process arrives at first prototype ideas, there is a story to be told.  With the help of a first script and storyboard we get an impression on how the idea might work.

Script and rough Storyboard

Understanding of how a heat power plant works

This storyboard gets summarized within a rough video with scratch voice over. Style and details are toned down intentionally, to make quick changes possible, while the Innovation process is still going on. This vision of the future video focuses on the emotional states of the humans, using the product.

Raw innovation video – concept and edits
during the innovation process

Storyboard Frames Raw Video

In case the idea successfully passes the prototyping and testing phases, all insights and the video will be presented to key stakeholders. This version of the video gives further visual context and makes the personalities and emotions more tangible.

Final low fidelity innovation video

Styleframes – Low Fidelity Video

For this final presentation – and to get the idea green lit by
stakeholders – a high quality video can further enhance the
impact and experience of this story.

Final high fidelity innovation video

Styleframes – Low Fidelity Video

The Impact

Leeanne gave an extensive look into her storytelling framework that focuses a lot on empathy and outcomes.

I learned about the importance and processes of product innovation and human-centered design.

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