Let's tell stories together to empower your audience

I became a motion designer to help make your clients understand quickly, not only about what you do, but why you do it. Within my 13 years of experience, I was lucky to work with many small and large brands on their businesses with campaigns, marketing strategies and stories.

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I strive for a sustainable, healthy and inclusive world

If you share some of these values, if you pay attention to the outcome and results of your work, if you are open to new ideas – ready to rethink, and if you put people first, we are going to be a great team.  

Within my 12 years of experience as a designer and illustrator, I understand that a lack of strategy and story only cumulates in rising frustration. Only with a broader picture of challenges, beliefs, and motivations – as part of any good story – can we create solutions that really matter. I am here to help pulling those strings together for you.

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Clients that I served up to now: 

I believe in:

Defined processes that lead to real outcomes.

My story-approach might be different and not the cheapest option. When signing up, you might feel that right away. This is important because I want you to meet your desired future goals.

Good conversations and storytelling.

I do not fear to ask many questions and have deeper conversations. I strongly believe this will help us both to get better insights and will be more helpful to your business.

Listening carefully to be able to create real change.

I made a lot of mistakes in my life and career. Many of them because I did not listen. Active listening makes us understand our motives and emotions much better.

A good book is my best call-to-action.

New ideas are not easy to be found. It requires a healthy curiosity and hunger for different perspectives on the world. For me, design was only a steppingstone into a bigger world of marketing, psychology, and storytelling. Every time I pull a book off my shelf, I feel this excitement that keeps me going. Here are some of my favorite books:    

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