A sparkling story formula for your video

discovery phase illustration

Outlining the plan

Together, we shed light on your challenges, your clients customer journey, and your processes to understand what type of story you need to communicate.

definition phase illustration

The storytelling phase

I will give you the insights and tools that make a great story. This will enable us to write an empathic explainer story that will make potential clients fall in love.

storyboard for video illustration

The storyboard phase

We will use moodboards to narrow down the visual aesthetics and further scribble out every scene with an easy to follow storyboard.

raw video animatic illustration

The animation blueprint

We put together an animatic video with first sound snippets and storyboard scribbles, to give a good preview of the emotional impact of your video.

styleframes for video illustration

Illustrating the final look

We get into details and illustrate graphics, characters, and sceneries through styleframes. We follow the style of the moodboard we predefined before.

animation and motion phase illustration

Let’s get things movin’

After a predefined ‚picture lock,‘ animation production starts. Depending on the storyboard, I will use frame-by-frame animation, 2D- and partly 3D-elements.

sound and voice over illustration

Appeal to all senses

Besides a strong soundtrack, we add sound effects and voice-over recordings in cooperation with audio studios and various professional speakers.

creating buzz illustration

The marketing mix

Let’s make your video visible for your target group. We create awareness trailers, gifs, stickers, and illustrations at the places your viewers will see them.

building the brand strategy

Process & training

As we go through this process together, you will have learned the basics about storytelling to use this on other projects in the future.

Dr. Carsten Haeckel, Chief Executive Officer,
Malteser Waldkrankenhaus St. Marien

”With great ideas, colorful videos and animations, Christian Heerde helped us to start our now really successful social media channels.“

Yvonne Tasdan, Senior Marketing Manager,
ZIIB Zahlungssysteme GmbH

”We were happy with Christians thoughtful concepts for our videos on our new payment solution Pay With Charlie. Now we have a great foundation to built on.“

You‘ve got further questions?

What will our workflow look like?

As soon as you sign up, we will have a discovery meeting. Based on your needs, we will decide on our next steps and how many weekly updates we are going to have. I will guide you step by step through this project with a proved process – surprises are not my thing.

Are there different payment plans for the video?

Yes, there are. I usually split payments, starting with 30% in the beginning when signing up. All other payments will depend on your needs and the options within my offering. Yes, I always offer options.

Are there any additional costs I need to be aware of?

Yes, there are. On top of the video there is usually sound and music licenses – I can help with recommendations here. Depending on your needs, we also might cast a professional speaker for voice over. Costs for the studio, speaker and licenses need to be thought of. More infos for Germany: Sprecherpreise.de

Are you offering other support besides videos?

I give continuous support after creating a video, with further consultation and deliverables like animated gifs, stickers etc. In case you are looking for improvements of your brand in general, I also offer brand strategy. Though this is not my key offering, yet.

I am not sure if a video addresses my challenges?

No problem, let’s find out in a meeting without any obligations. We will talk about your situation which should give you a good idea. I won’t recommend a video, when there are better solutions for your challenges.

What files will I receive when the video is ready?

I will provide high resolution mp4 files up to 4K resolution. Open files are usually not part of my offering. In case you wish to gain access to those, I am confident we will find a way to make it happen.

How will I know that we are a good fit for each other?

My clients like to work with me, because I try to make the process as smooth as possible for them. Together we will go deeper on your challenges and brainstorm ideas. Honesty and good communication are essential to me.

How soon can we start?

My bookings usually last 2 weeks on average. So just shoot me a quick mail and we might be in the middle of your project 2 weeks from now. I am happy to hear from you!


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