Infusing stories of healthcare with animation for Siemens Healthineers

Siemens Healthineers is a Germany-based leading medtech company providing a portfolio of technical services and solutions to healthcare workers worldwide. I was lucky to work for over one and a half years with their motion department in Germany, creating various design and animation projects.

Together with their Creative Services team, I helped develop solutions for social media, various product explainers, employee communication videos, and illustrations for different stories from the world of healthcare. Attached, you can find a few outtakes of this work.

Product explainer videos for healthcare

  • Illustration & design based on
    existing Corporate Identity
  • Concepts & storyboards
  • Animation

My services:

    Siemens Healthineers Germany:
    Viola Wolfermann – Head of Motion / Art Direction
    Stefanie Schubert – Motion Design / Art Direction

    Zeichen & Zeit GmbH:
    Christine Rasp – Art Direction
    Stefan Mühlmann – Art Direction

    In collaboration with:

    PURE Lumen – PURE Lumen is a system for CT Scanners to perform a material decomposition that removes coronary calcification artifacts in images to enable confident evaluations of CT scans.
    This video explained the advantages of this technology.

    Product explainer videos on technical advances

      Styleframes – PURE Lumen technology

      Different Projects – Styleframes and Animations on Video projects about sustainability and clinical workflow training.

        Real-time location solutions  – Because of the day-to-day business at hospitals, it is easy for staff to lose track of equipment and sometimes hard for visitors to find their way. Siemens Healthineers developed an application that makes tracking stationary devices easy and showing them on a map in real-time. Visitors can also use this to better find their way in the facilities. Our task was to show this advantage within short animated social media snippets.

          Styleframes – Social media shorts on real time location solutions

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